Vegetation services

We love indigenous plants and native vegetation.

Our core business is enhancing vegetation and habitat and planting native species for combined benefits such as habitat, shelter, soil conservation and amenity.

This might include:

  • Planting and maintenance of local provenance species
  • Incorporating native vegetation into property management
  • Shelter-belt layout and design
  • Project design and management
  • Native vegetation guidance, management and restoration
  • Weed identification and control
  • Native gardens, habitat gardens and landscape design.

We are simultaneously consultants and labourers. Where possible, we carry out physical work such as hand weeding and tree planting while pondering over project design and problem-solving.

We work with natural processes, build awareness of natural systems and help people and nature to heal the landscape.

Vegetation assessment and revegetation guidance

The scale and cost of this service varies with property size and complexity. It usually covers:

  • Survey and analysis of native vegetation on and around the property
  • Description of each Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) present, including indicator species and conservation significance.
  • Revegetation guidelines with plant lists and notes.


Site visits

We adapt our ‘standard’ property consultation to fit the situation at hand, beginning with an obligation-free phone call to find out what is needed and to help us prepare for the visit.

While on site we read the landscape, answer your questions and listen to your ideas and plans. With a penetrating glance across your property (or a section of it) we identify significant natural assess, environmental issues and priorities for projects and maintenance.

Here are some examples from previous property consultations:

  • A concept plan for a network of shelterbelts
  • Discussion of management options for salt-affected site
  • Prioritising sites for revegetation
  • Developing a design for a revegetation site.

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It's never too early to plan, especially when seed, plants or people are involved!

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