Seeds of Gippsland supports people to work together to restore the landscape, by facilitating collaboration and participation in restoration projects.


‘The service, plants and seeds to meet your project needs’. We provide a complete service including site assessment, plant species selection, direct seeding and planting, optimising the use of indigenous plants for:

  • habitat recreation
  • erosion control
  • stock shelter
  • amenity and aesthetics


We apply our specialist and extensive knowledge of Gippsland’s indigenous plants to provide botanical consulting services such as:

  • seed and plant selection advice
  • vegetation assessment and monitoring
  • project monitoring
  • development of restoration management plans

Indigenous plants and seeds

We coordinate the supply of locally-native plants to clients in both public and private sectors.
Services include:

  • Assessment of project sites for plant and seed requirements
  • Seed selection and supply to nurseries for plant propagation
  • Supply of seed mixes for direct seeding
  • Establishment of seed production areas
  • Coordination of seed collection

Projects and programs

We design and manage medium- to long-term projects that incorporate community participation and education opportunities. Projects might include:

  • ecological restoration (weed removal, supplementary planting)
  • seed collection, plant propagation
  • land remediation
  • revegetation


In addition to project-related learning, we deliver a range of workshops and events, covering topics such as eucalypt identification, other plant identification, seed collection and supply and revegetation and restoration techniques. Available packages include:

  • 2-hour ‘Walk & Talk’
  • 2-hour workshop
  • half-day workshop
  • all-day program

Programs and workshops are tailored according to the group’s needs.

Combining on-ground works, botanical expertise, education and publicity, to provide a uniquely holistic project management and community engagement service.

It's never too early to plan, especially when seed, plants or people are involved!

Find out how our services can fit your project needs and ensure that Seeds of Gippsland are ready when you need us.

Initial discussions and quotes are obligation free.