Seeds of Gippsland supports people to work together to restore the landscape, by facilitating collaboration and participation in restoration projects.

Seeds of Gippsland supports people working together to restore the natural landscape, by facilitating collaboration and participation in restoration projects.

We provide project management, consulting and education services, as well as coordinating provenance seed and plant supply and carrying out revegetation and vegetation restoration. We promote and strive for collaboration across community, industry and government sectors; excellence in vegetation restoration, community engagement and fiscal responsibility; and learning through participation.

Seeds of Gippsland has provided a broad range of environmental services and specialist seed supply since 2008, partnering with various agencies, organisations and other service providers in the region.

Originally established by Jenny Wolswinkel as Stellaria Native Vegetation Service, we re-branded in 2012 to Seeds of Gippsland to become a leading seed supplier in the Gippsland area, with the support of a nursery owners and agencies.

A re-think of our direction was prompted by the frightening scale of forest destruction during the Black summer fires of 2019-2020 and the extreme wind events of 2021, followed by further habitat loss caused by well-meaning clean-up and hazard reduction.

We recognise that disconnect between people and nature and between different sectors of the community play a significant role in environmental problems. Hence we are changing the focus of our service to incorporate community participation and knowledge sharing at all levels of land management.

We aim to address our own work isolation while inviting people to see the work that we do, in order to foster an appreciation of the natural world and an understanding of ecological restoration principles, and to facilitate discussion and the sharing of knowledge and perspectives.


Jenny Wolswinkel

Seeds of Gippsland Director

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