Site/property consultations

Are you planning, scoping, designing or ready to get your hands dirty?

Whether you are looking for help with native vegetation management, project planning, tree-planting – or don’t know what to do first – this is the place to start.

The initial consultation stands on its own but can also become the first stage of a vegetation assessment, whole farm plan or project design.

Our standard property/site consultation costs $525 (or $500 if paid up-front) and includes:

  • Pre-visit discussion to establish how we can help you
  • Preparation of maps, information and paperwork
  • 1 hour spent on site. We might look at:
    • Significant natural assets on the property (native vegetation, watercourses, wetlands)
    • Environmental issues (erosion, weeds, run-off)
    • Priorities for project and maintenance work; and/or
    • Planning and designing a specific project site.
  • A written report, usually with a basic map, that documents recommendations and advice.

Every property and site is different and the service provided varies accordingly, The smaller the area, the more detail we go into.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Initial enquiry (no obligation to proceed)
  2. Follow up, establish context and gather information (still no obligation)
  3. Make appointment for property visit and pay $175 deposit (or $500 total)
  4. Meet on site for a 1-hour consultation
  5. Pay balance of fee
  6. Write and deliver report with map
  7.  (no obligation) follow up and negotiate further work based on initial recommendations.

Ask us about a site consultation

It's never too early to plan, especially when seed, plants or people are involved!

Find out how our services can fit your project needs and ensure that Seeds of Gippsland are ready when you need us.

Initial discussions and quotes are obligation free.