Service Information

Thanks for making contact with Seeds of Gippsland. Our next step is to learn a little about you, your property and project ideas, so we can start to work out how we can help.

A phone call is easy, or – if you like forms – you can fill in the blanks on the next page and email it back to us. We value your privacy and any information provided is treated as confidential.

Our basic process of client engagement looks something like this:

  1. Initial contact or enquiry
  2. Follow-up (eg. phone call) to share information and make appointment for site visit
  3. Meeting on site (~1 hr): discuss ideas, how we can help and what it might cost
  4. Quote or estimate provided, with follow-up discussion as needed
  5. Quote accepted – or agreement on services and price
  6. Commence work (eg. plan seed or plant supply, carry out site assessment, design project).

There is no obligation to proceed or provide payment until after a quote has been provided and accepted. However, you are welcome to book our services at any time.


Timelines and planning

Our yearly schedule is shaped by the seasons, as follows:


MonthIn nature and nurseriesTasks
July-AugustLengthening days Tree-planting
Flowering wattles Direct seeding
Seedlings readySeed and plant delivery
September-OctoberWarmer weatherMeet landowners, look at sites
Flowering in profusionDesign projects, plan work for the next year
Nurseries sourcing seed, taking ordersOrder plants from nurseries
November-MarchSeed ripeningCollect and process seed
Nurseries propagatingVegetation assessments
March-MayBursaria seed ripensCollect late seed
Seedlings readyTree-planting, direct seeding
JuneShort days, cold weatherReporting and administration!

Combining on-ground works, botanical expertise, education and publicity, to provide a uniquely holistic project management and community engagement service.